Vent Hood Cleaning and Your 90 Day Servicing

Vent Hood Cleaning and Your 90 Day Servicing

Do you currently operate or are planning to open a commercial or industrial kitchen?

Today we are going to offer you a couple of ideas about your kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning service needs.

Fresh Air can restore your Exhaust Vent Hood and Grease Trap cleaning for your kitchen. It is a excellent and environmentally safe method for removing the grease and grime from your valuable and essential kitchen equipment.

Not only for commercial and industrial kitchens, but also for residential kitchens that have installed a commercial range vent hood.

The National Fire Codes recommend Vent Hoods and Exhaust be cleaned every 3 months for best performance and to reduce fire hazards.

And check with your local county, state regulations about Exhaust Vent Hood requirements.

At Fresh Air we service the whole unit.

Complete system cleaning to NFPA standards: Filters, Hoods, Back Splashes, Horizontal and Vertical ducts, Exhaust Blowers.