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Innovative and customized to your needs, the Air Conditioning 128 Ultimate Comfort System creates the ideal home environment for you.

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Air Conditioning 128 is a leading player in the global HVAC market. We offer the convenience and flexibility to design a complete end-to-end HVAC system solution that’s best suited for you.

Elevate your indoor air quality with Fresh Air's certified air duct cleaning and HVAC sanitation services, promoting a healthier and more efficient living and working environment.

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Our Mold Remediation services focus on identifying and eliminating mold issues at their source, ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment for all occupants.

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24/7 Emergency Water Removal Services

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Our Work

Whichever solution best fits your home, you can be sure you’ll get the latest in HVAC technology and a heating and cooling system that fits your lifestyle.

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Living Room Dry Out & Repair

We recently assisted a valued customer in swiftly and effectively addressing a flood emergency in their living room, providing expert repairs and restoration.

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Living Room Dry Out & Repair

Recent Air Duct Cleaning

Fresh Air San Antonio: Your trusted experts in air duct cleaning, ensuring your indoor air is pristine and allergen-free.

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Recent Air Duct Cleaning

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With an expansive offering of both ducted and duct-free options, from heat pumps to HVAC split systems, Air Conditioning 128 delivers on the quality, performance, and style that homeowners expect. Air Conditioning 128 is a leading player in the global HVAC market.

What our clients say

"I couldn't be happier with the air conditioning unit I purchased from this site. The installation was seamless, and the team was knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process."
Jason Pirs

Austin, Texas

"Air Conditioning's commitment to customer satisfaction is truly impressive. They went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met and that my air conditioning unit was functioning at its best."
Robert Tarner

Stockton, California

"I have been a loyal customer of Air Conditioning for years, and I continue to be impressed by their commitment to excellence. Their products are top-notch, and their customer service is unmatched."
Mary Green

Orlando, Florida